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Friends Only :)

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no worries, I'll add you back right now :)


January 3 2004, 08:29:19 UTC 13 years ago

help i fell down the toilet
julian you are a FREAK!!! hahaha

i will be forced to post "JULIAN IS A MAN WHORE" again...


13 years ago


13 years ago

Hey its me Lydiamahrie who wanted to request a BG;) Im gonna add you to my friends list..
sure thing ;)
hey i found you in the joelmaddenfn journal, i'm gonna add you, please add me?
of course i will, no worries :)
keep meeeeee!
of course I will!!!!!

Add me? You have a lovely site.
of course. added. =)
plz add me as your friend
sure, of course =)
Kam, it's Britt.

Add me here?<3
of course babe =)
keep me!!
haha of course =)
i just did a random search and you came up..i love your layout..and i was wondering if you could tell me how to put music on my journal? becuase ive been wondering..i thought u couldnt? but i was wrong i guess
haha thanks =)

I'm not sure about this, but I think it's only possible on paid accounts. However, try this anyway:

On the right side of my journal, scroll down and you'll find a link which says "Joanne's Codes" or something like that, click on it and near the bottom of the site there are a bunch of codes for different songs.

Take one that you like, and post it somewhere in the overrides of your journal.

Hopefully music will play next time you open up your lj.


13 years ago

hey i saw you on a bunch of my friends lists and checked ur journal out n it looks too cute! from the icon u look so pretty haha well add me? <33 priya
hey hon, why thank you,
of course i'll add you =) ♥
heyy add me
of course, hon :)
hey suga
check out alluremecrazy
its awesome!

can you take this name off your other journal kiiss since you dont use it
i love your layout , will you add me?

hey i have you on my friends list, and youve commented a few times..add me?