Kama (xxmesmerizedxx) wrote,

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH on my friends list...

--------//MOVED~ http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/brownsugar__/

P.S. I'm still going to read and comment on all your entries !

And as often as I can be bothered, I will copy and paste my entries from GJ here.

I advise those of you who are bored with your LJ's to get a GJ - (those who believe it has an ugly layout - once signed up, you can change the colours from the brown to whatever.) If you do get a GJ, please add me, I don't want to lose ANY of you as friends !

If you feel that you don't want me on your list anymore because I will be updating less, please comment here before removing me.

I ♥ you all so much.

If you are new and have just come across my LJ - please do not add me, I am not looking for more friends here. If you have a GJ feel free to add me over there.
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