Kama (xxmesmerizedxx) wrote,

Past layouts:

V1. Adriana Lima

V2. Orlando Bloom

V3. Good Charlotte

V4. Good Charlotte - Joel and Benji Madden.

V5. Silver Stripes.

V6. Simple Black and White Checkers.

V7. Thailand - Best I ever Had.

V8. Me

V9. Into Dust.

V10. Megan Ewing

*current: V11. Poison Paradise
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how did u make your journal lyke that??
haha like what ?
lyke ur layout background things up therer and lyke where u types in the middle and its cool and what not lol
oh haha yeah i just messed around with the styles til i got what i wanted..plus i got a paid account you can do more shit with that haha
you're so good at graphics, i love your graphics and layouts! ^_^
aw thanks hon - i can't do much without photoshop though! (like blending, brushes and stuff) :P
I Re-Opend b_l_i_n_k_i_e_s, If YOu still are Intrusted In Being A Maker There Let Me Know Please. And If Not, Then Still Let Me Know So I Can Look For More Help! Thanks!

- April
Hey April,

Yes I'd love to stay a maker if you still want me!

Just a note - tomorrow I will leave for a one week holiday in Thailand - so I won't have access to the internet.

Great Thanks hun! Thats ok have fun on you hoilday!


14 years ago

how do u get to make backgrounds and stuff?? i tried the whole afternoon yesterday and coudln't figure it out! can only paid accounts do that? and how do make make the user pictures move?????? ok yeah i know i don't much 'bout computers! sorry for my stressing u!!
haha girl you know i'll be helpin you whenever, you're my best friend!

aight okay so give me a pic you want as the header (like my journal) and a small pic you want as your icon, and I'll make both for ya when i got the free time =)

great! thanx!ill send them to u over msn!
awesome !


14 years ago


14 years ago


14 years ago

you know your a qt also *wink*

maybe you need to be added ;)